Don’t Touch That Dial – A LOEB Assignment

dont-touch-that-dialAll right fellow readers, sit back, kick up those heels, and Don’t Touch That Dial, at least that’s the idea for this weeks League assignment. So what shows get this old robot to drop the remote, well there’s quite a few, but the ones that get me are best summed up in the lists below.



  1. Mythbusters – How can you not stop for the Mythbusters crew, and their hijinks they get up to while proving or disproving the myths we all take for granted. Even tho I’ve seen pretty much every show at least once, I’ll always get pulled back into it.
  2. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge – Even tho this show has only aired one season, I was hooked from the opening minutes, and it got me thinking hey, maybe I could do that as well, so it helps to get the creative juices flowing and that’s never a bad thing.
  3. TMNT – Sure all we have is the current Nick version, which has been absolutely amazing, I can’t help but stop and watch it, and fell like I’m a kid again. I only wish I could occasionally come across the original series, or even the 2k3 series from time to time, you figure with the movie coming up, it’s the perfect time to get those back in syndication.
  4. Any Home Improvement Shows – Now I’m not talking about Tim Allen’s Home Improvement, which is great, but pretty much any, “Hey, we’re gonna rip up your house/yard/kitchen/garage and make it all fancy dancy”, and I’ll be there front and center checking it out, learning some now things for that day I have a house to remodel myself.
  5. Batman ’66 – This is a classic from growing up, and will always stop for an episode or two, luckily MeTV shows it on Saturdays with the back-to-back episodes together, so you don’t have to wait for that same Bat-time next Bat-week.
  6. Big Brother – Yes I am fully addicted to this show and have been for the past couple of years, and for 3 nights a week during the summer this show pulls me in, and has me on the edge of my seat. Sure this year’s cast isn’t as exciting as the past couple, but it’s still early, and you never know what the show will bring out for the house-guests next, so you have to keep tuning in.


  1. Star Wars – Yup any and all Star Wars, be it the original trilogy, the prequels, the clone wars or what ever I can find, I am there. I’ve seen them more often than most have, but I will never turn away from the whoosh of a lightsaber.
  2. Indiana Jones – This one could also be tossed up in the TV section, with the Young Indiana Jones series, but the movies is where the heart of this series is, and I will actually stand up for the Crystal Skull as well in this argument, cause really even if most didn’t like it, I got more Indy for my viewing pleasure and that I can’t shake away.
  3. Back to the Future – This is a series I have seen countless times, and really I don’t even see this as 3 different movies, but one that they just had to cut up in different movies, as they couldn’t fit it all on one VHS, that is unless they used SLP, but then the quality would’ve been horrible, and you can’t go back in time in bad quality.
  4. James Bond – Any of them, from Dr No to Skyfall, I’m there for each and every heart pounding moment. I used to love when they would show the marathon of them during Thanksgiving, and haven’t been able to watch them for a while, but the other day I came across them at the Thrift Store, yes all of them on DVD, and now they will be running like crazy as I work in my office.
  5. Die Hard – John McClain can kick ass on my TV anytime that he chooses, and even sometimes he may not plan on doing it, as I own a couple versions of the movies, and I really can never get enough of these classics. Even the 5th one is growing on me, sure it’s the black sheep of the family, but like Indy above as long as it’s more of the McClain goodness, then sign me up.
  6. Any Super-hero show – Sure I’ve probably got them, and sure I’ve seen them before, but having a good vs evil battle going on is nothing I can turn away from, and superheroes never disappoint, unless you were directed by Joel Schumacher, but even those I’ll stop for.


So that’s just a small list of some of the many things I enjoy dropping the remote for, and sure now that I don’t have cable anymore, I don’t get the chance to see most of these just appear on my TV out of the blue, but that makes it even better when they do. Hell, I sat through Steel a couple of weeks ago, just for the fact that it was on TV.

But if you want to see a bit more of what the League stops in their tracks for, then check out the other Leaguers below:

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And just in case you’re still around her at the end, let me toss it out there, if you’re a TMNT fan, and you’ve got some of those great collectables you’d like to show off, then send me a pic of your collection to be features in my TMNT month I’ll be doing next month. Filled with toys, movies, TV, books, and all things TMNT, and as well you’re pics as well. Click here, if you want to see more.

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