Hey, Isn’t That… – A League of Extraordinary Bloggers Assignment

hey-isnt-thatThis week the League provides us with a new assignment, and as the title above says, it’s:

Hey, isn’t that …

So I’ve been lucky enough to have a few run ins with those of the celebrity caliber, from random run ins at the mall, movie premiers, conventions, book signings, concerts, and as well my job.

Well it’s the last one that brings forth one of my favorite ones, sure there’s been others of greater notification to most, but this was by far my most entertaining.

I used to work at Sam Goody in the City Center building in Minneapolis, and while it was a fun job, weekends were pretty dead, as it was downtown Minneapolis, which mainly consisted of business’ so weekends would be pretty slow, and being so there wasn’t always a full staff working. So one Saturday night, my buddy Rob and I were closing up just the two of us, it was probably 20 minutes or so to close, when this larger guy comes walking in to our empty store.

I was counting down the registers, preparing to cut out the minute it hit closing time, and this guy walked by me, and straight to Rob at the end of the aisle. All I hear is, him say “Take me to my album!”, in a kinda demanding voice, but one I recognize, but couldn’t place until I looked up. Well standing in between Rob and I was Kyle Gass, from numerous movies, but more importantly from the epic folk duo of Tenacious D.


Rob takes him over to the album where, I hear Kyle continue to grill him.

Kyle, “Do you own this yet”

Rob replies, “No, I don’t yet, I’m in college and just got this job and can’t afford it.”

Kyle, “Well, you’re going to my show…Right?”

Rob again replies, “No sorry, as I said I’m in college and can’t afford it at the moment.”

Kyle then walks over to me, and says, “You, you look like an intelligent guy, you have to own my album.”

I say, “Yeah, I picked it up day one, and it’s a great CD.”

Kyle then turns back to Rob “See, why can’t you be more like him. I tell you what if you buy the CD right now, I’ll sign it and I’ll get you guys tickets to the show. ”

Rob brings the CD over, I ring him up, and Kyle grabs the CD and rips it open, and pulls out the book, and signs it with a marker from the counter. He then sets both of his hands on the counter and has us write our names on his hands. And then tells us to just go to the front and our tickets will be waiting for us, and then just walks out.

Neither of us really believes what just happened, and how quick it did. But now it was time to close, so we counted down, locked up and went over to the show at the Orpheum Theater a couple of blocks down.

We go to the front counter and tell them our names, and sure enough we both have third row seats to the show, and what a show it was. Kyle Gass and Jack Black come out and rock the place, and as we see Kyle he gives us a wave, and still has our names on his hands as well.

Well the show was amazing, and we had an absolute blast. Afterwards we made our way out and were walking around the back and down the alley to catch the bus home, and here in the back alley was Kyle and Jack having a smoke. We ended up sitting and chatting with them for 20 mins or so out back of the theater, smoking and laughing. They had to go to head to the bus to go to the next show. We continued on our way to the bus, and happened to run into one of our managers from the store, who happened to host a couple of local Latin bands in the area, and had tickets for the Ozomalti show down at First Ave, so figuring that we had a hell of an evening so far, why let it stop, and we went down there as well, where we partied til 3 in the morning, and got to meet a few of the band as well. Sure it wasn’t anything like our run-in with Mr Gass, but damn if it wasn’t a good day.

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