Lego Advent Calendar – Day 18

We’re back at it again kiddos, with the Lego Advent Calendar Countdown and we’re already onto Day 18, with Day 19 just tomorrow and 20 after that, and well you know how counting works, so let’s see what 18 has for us.

It’s another Mini Figure day for the Lego City set, and today we get yet another Firefighter, but today we get one that really resents his job and instead just uses the flames that bring misery to others to make his delicious baked goods.

I do really like this figure, but the set has now provided us with three different firefighters, couldn’t we get a cop or someone else from public works in there to offer a little variety. Sure now we finally have some cookies to sell in the stands that we got, but at the expense of him saving lives, I think not… unless those are oatmeal raisin cookies then just maybe.

The Lego Star Wars set gives us some pieces to make a random pile of garbage, and not just any random pile, but one from SPACE!!! Oooohhh, nah really it’s supposed to be Jabba’s Palace, which is great and all, but I don’t think the colors chosen really represent the desert tones that the actual palace has, yes I said has, cause it’s real, it’s just in a Galaxy far far away that’s why you’ve never seen it you naysayers.

Well there we have Day 18, a couple of sets, yep that’s about it, but if you want more cause I know I do, check out the 2013, 2014 and 2015 sets as well.

See you cool cats tomorrow.

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