Lego Advent Calendar – Day 21

We’re coming right up to the end of the Lego Advent Calendars, and it’s all just gone by way too fast, but here’s hoping we get a few great ones to finish off each of these.

And with that welcome to Day 21.

From the sight of all of these pieces you can already guess what we’ve got here, or you could just look to the right, but we get ourselves a great little Christmas Tree for our presents to go under. This is a nice simple build that really gets us back into the spirit of the holiday. I’ve got quite a few different trees that Lego has done, and this one is a great compliment to them all, and easy enough to duplicate that you could make more easy enough.

Bravo Lego, bravo!

The Lego Star Wars Calendar delivers us yet another retread from previous years, the classic Stormtrooper, sure we all can never have enough of them for our collections, but I again wish there was something to make him more holiday themed or just different from every single other Stormtrooper I’ve already received in numerous sets both Advent Calendar and regular Star Wars.

This is good, but when we’re nearing the end, I really hoped for more.

Well there is Day 21, and if you want more, check out the 2013, 2014 and 2015 sets as well.

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