Lego Advent Calendars – Day 19

We’re back at it with the Lego Advent Calendars and onto Day 19 here, so let’s check out the greatness that they entail.

The Lego City Calendar provides us with a handful of pieces that make it so the Firefighter from yesterday doesn’t have to make cookies on the fire, as he’s now got an oven to get his baking on.

I like this set as it’ll be a nice one to combine with the sales stands we’ve received and we can finally make an actual store kiosk out of them all, and have the Firefighter working there to sell cookies for Toys for Tots or something (which I highly recommend you all do your part and donate if you’re able to, I’ve done it every year for as long as I can remember, it’s a great charity and helps make some kids get a Christmas they might not have received otherwise, check out their site for all the information you may need of locations to drop off, what they may be looking for or any questions you may have.

The Lego Star Wars set is bringing us another mini figure, and this time it’s the main man of the original trilogy all suited up for some Return of the Jedi action, we got us Luke Skywalker.

Now of course this is a great figure, and has some really nice printing on both the front and back of his chest piece, but he’s a figure you can get in quite a few sets over the years, I will only have this one complaint, and it’s couldn’t they have made him a little Christmasy, change up the colors a bit, or give him an ugly sweater or something just to make it more special to get him in this set. That’s all I ask. Is that a lot? No, I don’t think so, so please Lego if you’re reading this, do a little more next year for us please.

Well that’s it for Day 19 and if you need a bit more Lego in your diet, check out the 2013, 2014 and 2015 sets for today as well.

See you cats tomorrow for Day 20.

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