Lego Advent Calendars – Day 22

We’re back at it, building more little sets so the pieces don’t end up on the floor and we later step on them, so to save my feet, let’s get to Day 22 of the Lego Advent Calendars.

The Lego City Calendar provides us with 16 pieces and a puppy, and what do we get to build for the puppy, well we get to give that little fella a spot to grab a bite to eat and some water. This is a neat little build that works well, even tho it is a bit simple, but if you turn it around you do get a nice little brick wall with the two pieces included so it is nice for either side to be facing forward, alas I only thought of this as I type and didn’t take a picture of the other side but just imagine those two pieces together with a little snow on top, and you’ll be looking a pretty decent Charlie Brown and Linus contemplating life type wall. And who doesn’t love the Lego pets, I’m glad they tossed one in here, cause that is something that just we need more of, and as I get into building MOCs, these help fill in the crowds so much.

The Lego Star Wars Calendar provides us with 18 pieces to build us what I think is an Imperial Transport Shuttle, now I say I think as it seems a little too long with too small of a fin to be that, but it’s the only ship I can think of that it’s close to, maybe a larger fin would’ve sold it better, but one thing is for sure, with each repeat day and squint your eyes to make it look like something sets we’re getting I may be getting to the end of my purchasing of these. I’ve been very happy with everything the Lego City set has provided us, but Star Wars I think they’re getting at the end of their string, unless they start pulling from the new movies, we may just get repeat after repeat each year.

Well there’s Day 22, and if you’d like to see more just check out the 2013, 2014 and 2015 sets as well.

Catch you tomorrow.

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