Lego Advent Calendars – Day 23

We are on the edge of the proverbial seat that is the Lego Advent Calendars, and we’re just about ready to drop off into the final day, but before we do that we have a little old thing called Day 23 to check out, so come with me or just scroll down a bit and let’s see what today brings.

The Lego City Calendar continues with the Holiday cheer by bringing us a little Christmas/ Santa Dog pulled sled. This is a pretty basic style of sled, but I think it works with the idea of minimalist pieces, if you want more get the Santa’s Workshop set as that has a spectacular sleigh. I do find it pretty rough that just one dog is supposed to pull this sled through the tundra, but maybe it’s just for little kids to have a ride, sure it’s still cruel, but maybe he can do it in short bursts.

The Lego Star Wars Calendar brings us 28 pieces today, the largest set we’ve gotten so far, and it’s a…well it kinda looks like the old Troop Transport toy from the original series from Kenner, mixed with being a hockey theme with the sticks, puck and skates in the sack, but really it doesn’t have an immediate pull to what it is, it’s kinda like abstract art, I think I like it, I don’t know what it is, but I’m not mad about it after everything is said and done.

Well there we have Day 23, only one more day to go until we wrap up this years calendars, so why not see what else we got in previous years with the 2013, 2014 and 2015 sets.

Don’t forget to thaw out your turkeys and hams for Christmas dinner and get to wrapping those presents cause tomorrow is Christmas Eve, we’ll see you all then.

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