My Latest Obsession – A League of Extraordinary Bloggers Assignment

First and foremost, a big thanks and welcome back to the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, which has been on a bit of a hiatus but that’s never stopped any of us from speaking our words on everything from toys, to books, to the weird and extraordinary, but now we’re all back like the first day of school all getting our assignments in the 11th hour for me, but it’s here none the less. And what is that assignment you ask, well:

league-header-obsession5That’s right it’s my latest obsession, now being a collector and fan of quite a lot of things, I had to think about one I hadn’t yet touched on yet, and well friends my latest obsession is a mini Arcade.

Ever since I was a kid dropping allowances worth of quarters into different gaming machines, I’ve always wanted my own personal arcade, but really who has the room and money to put that in their home, let alone in my apartment. So of course I figured why not just mini-size it.

This all started when I got the idea that I could make my own arcade machines, so after searching online for different designs and schematics, I figured most of those were too much for me to take on in my confined space, so I looked at what I had about, and that’s when I found an unused DVD player and a Pac-Man Plug and Play. So figuring that the Plug and Play included numerous games within it. I figured this was a good way to start, so I went to designing a really fancy case to hold the items in and that’s when I came back with this:

IMG_20130318_183325This was my Pac-Man machine that I came up with and was the start of my mini arcade, which once I finish the next stage I want to post a full walk-through of the construction.

So after finishing this project, well the first stage, the machine is currently in pieces as I am working on making it a larger emulator and am wiring in actual arcade controls and ditching the Plug and Play that inspired it all, I figured that an arcade needed more than just an arcade machine, so that’s when I next found a pool table to add to the mix.

DSC00992This was a deal I found at Christmas time at Target and fits the bill perfectly for a little bit of billiards in the arcade.

It features mini cues, full set of balls, and a rail system to feed any sunk balls into side chambers.

Now me wanting to personalize most things I get like this, I do want to eventually put official pool felt on it, as well as some rubber edges to allow for better bank shots, but for a starting point it’s a great starter.

Next up I found in a collection of old stuff at my parents house was this gift they got me when I was a kid and they went on a trip to Vegas, a Slot Machine.

DSC00994This Slot machine adds that wonderful sense of gambling to the otherwise tame but still gamble-able aspect of any video game if you really try. And well I have been known to put down a dollar or two on a pool game from time to time as well, so it truly is fitting for this arcade.

But any Arcade isn’t really complete, not that I’m done working on this, without some pinball.

And thanks to a recent find at my local thrift store, I was able to acquire the Atomic Arcade Pinball machine for $1.50.

DSC00993Featuring score keeping, bounce-back on the different sides and flippers and sounds, this was an amazing find, and immediately I was thinking I could gut it to make a whole new personalize machine in the future it works perfect for my needs, and I see Atomic Pinball being around for a while.

Well after all of this, it’s a great start to my own personal Arcade, but I will never stop working on it, no mater how much my girlfriend objects, as this is a never ending plan for a future entertainment room when we find a house. And to prove that, here is the final installation into the Arcade, and one of my numerous current projects I’m working on. And that is a Space Invaders machine.

DSC00995After going to Radio Shack one day for parts for a lamp I built, I found a Space Invaders Plug and Play for only a few dollars on extreme discount, and that got me thinking of building a companion to the Pac-Man machine, but now that I’ve decided to go further with building an emulator system instead, I may go with another design that fits the case I’ve already built, hence why it’s not yet painted, but that as well will be more for a future post.

So there you have it, this isn’t just a current fad for me, but something I will always work on and towards, as who doesn’t enjoy the greatness that was the Arcade growing up. Obsession sure, obsessive not yet, but hey there’s always the future to get there.


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3 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession – A League of Extraordinary Bloggers Assignment

  • 18 June, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Hey um i dont know who u are but i was but I was going 2 do the same but just with the Pac man mini arcade question do u live in Texas cause if u do then u can help me or make u can make a video on YouTube on how to make a Pac man mini arcade

    • 29 June, 2016 at 4:42 am

      Unfortunately I don’t live in TX, I’m up north, but I did do a brief walk-through on the process I did to make the machine.

      I am working on a second machine at the moment (have been for too long) that is Space Invaders, and the plan is to link the two machines together for 2 player action and make it a ROM player, so when I get to that stage I may make a YouTube video, but I don’t have many pictures for just the Pac Man machine as that was prior to even this site when I started it.

      But if you have any questions on the process I’d be glad to help out as best I can, overall it’s a really fancy way to hold the Pack and Play and a DVD screen that looks like the arcade machine.

  • 18 June, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    Oh p.s can u make it look like the Pac man candy tin this time and where u can get all of u’r materials


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