My Life in One Foot Square: A League of Extraordinary Bloggers Assignment

one-square-footWell this week the amazing group of bloggers that gathers together on Cool & Collected, came together to present this week’s new assignment:

My Life in One Square Foot

And this is to be presented in a single 1 foot by 1 foot section, now I of course couldn’t just keep it simple and lay it out, cause well life is like movies now a days, in 3D, so I figured to take mine out on the Z Axis as well, and stockpiled a gathering of me in 1x1x1, cause well it’s my blog and I make the rules, C&C just gives us the assignment.

So with no further adieu, since you’ve probably already skipped all the blah-bity blah here.

DSC01015Here it is, a mass collection into one area of things that pretty much sums me up pretty well, so to help dissect the picture here’s a list.

  1. Indiana Jones Box Set, cause who doesn’t like Indy
  2. Rat Pack Collection, Kazoo, and Harmonica, as I’m a fan of music from the past to present and in all available formats, and this was the best of 2 worlds, a great CD, along with a DVD performance as well, and why listen when you can create it as well, nothing brings a room more energy than live music.
  3. M&Ms and Pez, this is for the sweetness and treats we all need from time to time just to make it through our days.
  4. Pac-Man and Inky help to present my love of gaming, as I showed off in previous posts I am a fan of the old and new gaming.
  5. Pencils, brushes, clay, notebook, crayons, paints, wood shelves in the corner and the multi-tool, these are all representative of my love to create, from pad to pen, to getting knee deep in saw dust, I love taking a simple idea and working it to completion.
  6. Homemade Catan piece, Rubik’s Cube, Twister and small orange robot, this is to show my love of board games as well.
  7. Action figures, lets see…we’ve got Boba Fett, Joker, Slimer, Michelangelo, Pac-Man, Zombie Indy, just to bring a nice assortment to the table.
  8. Rebel Without a Cause, by Robert Rodriguez, as a fan of film, both viewing and creating, this is a book that follows his path of making El Mariachi, and the whirlwind that lead him into our screens, and I find a very inspirational read when I need it.
  9. Time Machines, both the TARDIS and the Delorean not only show off my love of time travel, but also my love of history and learning about it so we aren’t forced to relive it.
  10. Zinnia seeds, I happen to live in an apartment and wish I had the yard many do, and so I love taking a simple small patio and creating a yard with it, and can’t wait for Spring to finally arrive here in Minnesota to really let the green leaves cover my patio view.

So there’s a quick rundown of a majority of the items in the pic, sure I may have missed a few things but that as well is like me, you’ll never know it all, but damn if it won’t be fun figuring it out for yourself.

And here’s a quick snapshot into a few other blogger’s lives as well.

So show them all some love and check them out as well, so until next time, have a wonderful night of clicking blog posts.

-End Transmission-


2 thoughts on “My Life in One Foot Square: A League of Extraordinary Bloggers Assignment

  • 3 April, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    Great composition Cory. I’m a fan of The Rat Pack and Indy as well. I think that same model Gerber was my first nice multitool.

    • 6 April, 2014 at 1:20 pm

      Thanks Chris, that’s the same Gerber I got when it came out, and has treated me well through many situations on projects.


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