Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Christmas Ornaments

Back in 1990 a company by the name of International Silver Company brought us not one, not two but ten different styles of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Christmas Ornaments, and I happened to get my hands on a complete set of one of those styles that I won in an auction last month, which I was in a bidding war with someone else for them, I want to guess it was the Sewer Den, but I could be wrong but wouldn’t that be something. And since I’m such a giving person. I want to share it with all of you wonderfully amazing people, cause well, I’m a giver, not in I’m giving these to you, but I’m at least going to show them to you, but just don’t touch OK?

These came in a pretty basic packaging with the front just having four window boxes to be able to see each of the Ornaments in them, and the TMNT logo across the middle, and each turtles name next to their window. There as well is a sticker that is blacked out, but it says these were 50% off when purchased, and by the sticker on the top of the box, after all discounts the original owner was able to get these bad boys for only $4.00, which I will say is about what I payed for each one in the long run. Not fair at all.

The side of the box (in the middle) featured the company name, with a great image of the Turtles all inside of a wreath rocking some Candy Canes instead of their signature weapons, but I guess that with it being Christmas and all they can step away from the fighting and get to the celebrating, I’m sure the Foot are taking the day off as well.

The back of the box features six different images of the turtles in different Christmas scenes, now it does say there are 10 different designs, so are we missing four more here, or are the four I received  the missing ones, unless someone else has another box of these to let me know, we may never know. I really love all the designs they have there, but I think my favorite is the one with them all sledding, it just seems like the most likely thing they would be doing, of course besides caroling cause they did have a Christmas movie after all.

Taking a closer inspection of the ornaments each one features a different turtle on them, with the same “Merry Christmas” logo to the side, and this is repeated on the back side of the ornaments as well.

We start with Leo and some poinsettias and a nutcracker, which I like to think he’s just helping to decorate the sewer and get the Christmas feel started, along with Mikey setting up the wreaths, they’re really getting ready to start celebrating.

Next we have Don getting ready to decorate the tree with lights and ornaments, but I noticed they aren’t TMNT ornaments. Raph has put away his tough guy image and went out shopping for his brothers, and is ready to pack under the tree with presents.

These are all some great ornaments, and are still in great condition for being 26 years old, and I only hope they last another 26 years, I know I’ll be doing everything I can to keep them nice, but I have a 2 yr old that fights everything he can, as he’s training to be a ninja so I’ll just have to protect them from him and they’ll be fine.

What do you think of these, let us know in the comments, and do you have any 25+ yr old ornaments you still hang, let me know in the comments.


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