Turkey Day is returning!!!

Here I bring you my “What a Turkey” theme, and well, there is no better Turkey, than Turkey Day, and I just heard from a friend, of a friend, who knows a guy, that saw this elsewhere,  on a park bench, next to a gorilla that talked about this happening this Thanksgiving, and what is that you say. Well friends, that is in fact Mystery Science Theater 3000 is going to be doing a special event, and it’s for everyone out there that is able to read this, as they will be streaming 24 hours of MST3K episodes just like they used to do on Comedy Central back in the day.

MST20-bots                    mikeandthebotsly7

Now if you don’t know MST3K, then well I feel bad for you, but they’re giving you the opportunity to catch up. This was a show that was the brain child of Joel Hodgson, it started in 1988 in my current area, Minneapolis, MN, but then later went onto Comedy Central, helping launch it to success. The show features Joel as Joel Robinson, later replaced in 1993 by head writer, Mike J Nelson as the next test subject Mike Nelson , who is launched into space, trapped in the Satellite of love, by Dr Clayton Forrester and Dr Laurence Erhardt, in order to subject them to bad B movies to see which one can drive a person crazy. So Joel is subjected to these films, and builds his three companions, Crow T Robot, Tom Servo and Gypsy, to watch the movies, so they rant and rave and offer a comedic track over the whole movie, as they’re featured sitting in the theater watching these films along with us.


I remember in High School, falling asleep to a late night episode of MST3K, sometimes it’d still be on in the morning when I woke, usually a different episode, sometimes the same, but who cared, it was great. And every Thanksgiving, I’d have to catch at least one or two episodes of the Turkey Day marathons of the past. This show helped show me all the wonders of a low budget, no script, horrible acting of a true horrible B movie, and not just me either, they did 197 episodes and even a theatrical release as well. They’ve been released on VHS, DVD, Bluray, and even streaming on Netflix, and this Thanksgiving we get a treat we haven’t seen since 1995 on Comedy Central, a full 24 hr marathon, this all starts at noon. Now if you want to catch this just hit the link below, or google search it, use a carrier pigeon if it pleases you, I’m just trying to make it easy on you is all, but if you enjoyed the show as I did, then I can only hope you’re as excited, and are able to fit at least a bit of time with the guys and the Satellite of Love this Thursday.

MST3K Turkey

So here’s the link, enjoy some laughs with those you’re around, Happy upcoming Turkey Day!




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2 thoughts on “Turkey Day is returning!!!

  • 27 November, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    They just recently added MST3K to Netflix, been watching it with the kiddies who at first found it weird, but now are hooked. I had the same experience, falling asleep to episodes late into the night. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    • 27 November, 2013 at 11:22 pm

      I’ve been saving Santa Claus vs the Martians for Christmas, but so glad that they are on Netflix, I only had the movie before, and now I don’t need to select one to watch tomorrow, but a whole marathon, chosen by the creators. So can’t wait.

      But have a great Thanksgiving yourself as well.


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