Yo Joe! – A League of Extraordinary Bloggers Assignment

yo-joeThis week we’re provided with the League’s assignment of the week, and well that is two simple words.

Yo Joe!

Which to anyone who’s collected toys, know that distinct battle cry of the commandos that saved our world time and time again, without ever actually killing their enemy, so that they could continue to appear in future episodes and continue to sell toys, and that’s the G.I. Joes.

I was quite a fan of the Joes as a kid, having most of the original releases, but unfortunately they have been lost to time, or sold at numerous garage sales to help me fund my Turtles fascination.

But luckily I was able to repurchase a few of my favorites, back in 2007 when Hasbro decided to rerelease the original figures on their original blister cards with that glorious character art exploding on the front of it. I didn’t go crazy collecting, but I did pick up a few of my favorites, namely the Ninja’s, so let me show them off.


Code Name : Snake Eyes

DSC01149This was my go to Joe, and he did make it into many different fighting scenarios as a kid, from TMNT to Star Wars, to Green Army men in the backyard sandbox, he was more of a mercenary in my toy box, you know the big guns you called in when no one else would do.

Timber was lost to the woods early on unfortunately, I like to think he was running free again, but he probably went rabid and was put down by a random Cobra team, but the freedom he felt until then couldn’t be matched.

DSC01151Each card featured these amazing back stories to the characters, giving you more and more to build off of besides just the cartoon, these were like money to myself as a child, I had a recipe box filled with them all, and could spend hours just reading and rereading each of these, using it as my casting call for who would be pulled into the mission of the day, but Snake pretty much made it to every mission, cause well you can always use a ninja.


Code Name : Storm Shadow

DSC01152Storm Shadow, the ninja who was the biggest flip flopper that they had, but that didn’t bother me at all, sure I enjoyed him more as a villain than a friend, but anytime in that I saw him and Snake Eyes working together, my giddyness level went through the roof. Sure he was only really dressed for winter missions as I’ve always thought ninja’s wear black as they’re supposed to be all sneaky sneaky, but maybe he was just that good, that even in pure white he could still get you without you even noticing.


Cobra Red Ninja

Code Name : The Enemy

DSC01155“The Enemy” that was the best they could really come up for this ninja army building figure, but in my mind he was always the one that any ninja be it Cobra or Joe was fighting, as my years of watching Star Trek has taught me that whenever a red shirt goes on a mission, well he’s not coming home. I had a couple of these as kids and they were always up to no good, just ninjaing about, and that’s when Snake Eyes would step up to the plate to send him home in a bamboo box.


Well that’s it for my readily available Joes, unfortunately after the recent move, my figures have become scattered to the winds in numerous different boxes, but these three do consist of most of the collection, just from different times and designs over time. But if you want to get a better look at more Joe for your buck, then check out these other great bloggers, from around the world and internet.


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